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Welcome to the Berggasthof Zum Hirsch blog. This is a platform where we will give you a little bit more information on what you can expect from the Wasserkuppe region. In addition, we will use this platform to educate our readers on the food featured in our restaurant.


I want to start this first post off by introducing the concept. The owners are a Canadian couple that moved to Hessen, Germany earlier this year to open up this venture. The idea came to life when they found this perfect little nook buried in the countryside of Wasserkuppe. 


The Wasserkuppe region is mesmorizing, covered in blue skies and hues of greenery. Driving to the hotel is exceptionally scenic, like something out of a fairlytale. If you're a fan of the folktales that grew up with, then envision the stories from your youth,

and this place is it.


Tourists are able to indulge in a multitude of activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, skiing, and much more. What makes this region special to Hessen is that it is home to Hessen's highest mountain, this is also why paragliding is famously popular here.


But, where do we fit in? Well, our space has recently been renovated to meet our guests needs in the best way possible. We are the only hotel that features a restaurant in the same venue. The best part? The food is delicately created to meet more than your taste buds. Guests can appreciate various meats and vegetables as warm and cold dishes. Or, they can indulge in our creamy white berry cheesecake in the summer time or warm up to a hot cocoa in the winter time after a long day skiing.


We are a family space first and foremost, that means that we encourage a safe and comfortable environment for kids. That also means that we have versatile foods for kids to enjoy as well. But do not worry mom, they are secretly nutritious. With our locally grown vegetables and fruit, we stray away from sprayed ingredients. We also work with local suppliers to provide us with ethically raised meat. We believe in health before anything else. 


Our menu is diverse enough that it challenges the traditional Rhön-style but also embraces a Canadian twist. Our food is pub-style and it is perfected by our Chef Sebastian Gelhard who has been working in the industry for over 15 years.

We open up on the end of Sunday of August 2019. Stop by to taste test some free food and meet some of the locals. We look forward to your visit. 




Your Zum Hirsch Team.




Wasserkuppenstraße 18, 36163 Poppenhausen (Wasserkuppe), Hessen, Deutschland

Tel: +49 6658 9188417

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